Leverage 360° view of the industry to help clients develop compelling strategies and business cases.

The Drone Office provides:

  • Solution-agnostic approach
  • Independant expertise
  • Safe innovation
Use Cases. Value creation.
Regulatory feasibility
Business model. Business case.
Technologies selection
Suppliers and partners selection
Data exploitation
Project management. Implementation

The Drone Office serves a broad range of stakeholders in the ecosystem:

Drones are part of the digital transformation

Drones are "eyes in the sky" to source image and data
Drone consulting

They create value as a tool for digitisation and automation of operations. They were used in the audiovisual professional sector for wedding photography or video shootage of wildlife documentaries. Gradually, embedded software and image processing software became more and more sophisticated, and professional drones became relevant in agriculture, infrastructure inspection, construction, emergency services ... the benefit of drones as professional tools applied to a wide array of business fields. These applications are all about sourcing images or information from the sky.

Next: drones performing actions or transporting goods?
drone delivery

Tomorrow, as the autonomous revolution develops, autonomous drones will be able to transport goods over long distances. Yet, in terms of aeronautical safety, there is a gap between on one hand a drone of a few hundred grams evolving within line of sight under the control of its remote pilot, and on the other hand a heavier aircraft evolving automatically beyond visual line of sight. The technological challenge is tremendous and exciting.

Drones in medical logistics

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Drone en biologie médicale Livre blanc

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medical drone delivery
Medical drone delivery of biological samples, vaccines, blood units, or medical equipment is still in its infancy

The use of drones to transport goods, even of modest weight, over distances beyond line of sight, is still at the experimental stage. Overall, the market opening currently applies to recreational drones and drones for professional use within line of sight, i.e. a few hundred metres away from the remote pilot.

Clearly, the ability to bypass ground infrastructure, either because it is too congested, or because it is deficient or non-existent, is a powerful lever for transformation

Several experiments are already underway around the planet, especially in the medical field with the support of UNICEF. We believe that the use of drones in remote places, on vast territories in Africa or in rural Europe, has the potential to transform access to care.
And beyond, it could transform medical support in emergency situations in cities.

medical drone delivery
Fly2Care is an open innovation project to unlock that potential and experiment medical drone delivery in rural Europe and growing countries

Create a community of like-minded people and organisations in the medical biology, life-science, or logistics industries.
Identify use cases that can transform access to Care.
Share knowledge, share the innovation effort. Mutualise logistics flow. Engage with local communities, plan for local jobs.


Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Partner

Anne-Lise a partner at The Drone Office. Drones are part of the autonomous vehicle transformation and her first objective is to help clients develop a safe and innovative drone roadmap. Drones are also part of the digital transformation. So, beyond safety, her objective is to help clients transform disruption into a competitive advantage and value creation. Equally important, we share with clients a vision of technology with a sense of purpose, that truly adds value for everyone. Anne-Lise is a qualified SUAS pilot registered with the CAA. She is a Director of ARPAS-UK, the UK non-profit Trade Association for the UK drone Industry. In this capacity, she provides expert briefings to public stakeholders and conferences. Prior to her current position, Anne-Lise was VP Group Strategy for an international Defence & Aerospace company. In this position, she promoted a digital roadmap including Autonomous Systems. Thanks to a rich professional life in international technology, aerospace , rail automation and telecom companies, Anne-Lise developed a solid 360° perspective on the unmanned environment. She also enjoys a solid finance background from her first positions in Investment Banking.

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