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THE DRONE OFFICE is a drone consulting and engineering service company. We offer clients independent domain expertise.

We advocate safe and innovative drone roadmaps.

And beyond safety, our objective is to help clients transform disruptive innovation into a competitive advantage, serving a broader vision and sense of purpose.

Manage complexity

The drone market is still emerging. The market is regulated and the framework is rapidly evolving. Numerous technical solutions are available on the market, it is essential to appraise their performance. 

  • Aeronautical skills
  • Technology skills
  • Business skills
Airspace and drone regulations
Aeronautical Safety
Technologies and solutions
Data processing and analysis
Suppliers and partners
Resulting business case

Drones are part of the digital transformation

Drones are "eyes in the sky" to source images and data

They create value as a tool for digitisation and automation of operations. They were used in the audiovisual professional sector for wedding photography or video shootage of wildlife documentaries. Gradually, embedded software and image processing software became more and more sophisticated, and professional drones became relevant in agriculture, infrastructure inspection, construction, emergency services ... the benefit of drones as professional tools applied to a wide array of business fields.
These applications are all about sourcing images or information from the sky.

Next: drones performing actions or transporting goods?

Tomorrow, as the autonomous revolution develops, autonomous drones will be able to transport goods over long distances. Yet, in terms of aeronautical safety, there is a gap between on one hand a drone of a few hundred grams evolving within line of sight under the control of its remote pilot, and on the other hand a heavier aircraft evolving automatically beyond visual line of sight. The technological challenge is tremendous and exciting.



The Drone Office is a consulting and services company specialising in drones & robots. The company offers its clients independent expertise and advice and helps them develop a safe and innovative drone roadmap. The company shares with its clients its vision of disruptive technologies serving the common good and promotes innovation that truly adds value for everyone. The Drone Office supports its private and public clients from end to end through their journey

End-user centric upstream studies and use cases business model: 
Identify use cases with most benefits in terms of value creation for client and its end-users. Assess feasibility in terms of regulation, technologies and business model.
Understand the state-of-the-art through focused, in-depth and critical assessment of activities in the client’s industry.

Project engineering

End-to-end project architecture. Support selection and validation of technologies, suppliers, and partners meeting use cases specifications. The Drone Office is agnostic and can offer insight into best-in-class and proven solutions, whether offered by large international companies or start-ups.


Solid foundation knowledge targeted at management teams within the client’s organisation and/or its external stakeholders. The target audience is not the remote pilot seeking a professional qualification. The Masterclasses are dedicated to managerial teams with a view to facilitate acceptance in the organisation and effective decision-making.

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