Drones rescue teenage swimmers in Australia

Drones rescue two teenage swimmers in Australia. Drones offer endless possibilities of uses with positive societal impact. Technology with a purpose.

24 January 2018

ABC News reported on January 19 that “a flying drone has dropped a flotation device to two teens caught in a riptide in heavy seas off the Australian coast in what officials describe as a world-first rescue” and the news was abundantly repeated through other media in the world.

Drones, or UAS (unmanned aerial systems) offer endless possibilities of uses with positive societal impact, be it in rescue efforts such as this event in Australia, or in fire-fighting situations by safely providing a “deported eye” or situation awareness, or in the transport of medical supplies to remote areas.

Drones may raise public concern, notably for privacy reasons, often attributable to careless individuals infringing the law.

In this context, let’s continue to raise public awareness on how the use of drones, by professionals who abide by the regulation, can improve our lives and make a positive difference.

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