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Drone Delivery in Healthcare at the National Medtech Expo 2019

Medical drone delivery

Great opportunity to exchange with players in the healthcare industry about the opportunities of co-innovation in medial drone delivery in healthcare during the National MedTech Expo in Milton Keynes on 26 November 2019.

Drones have the potential to make a major impact on the transport of medical products. This has been demonstrated here in Europe in emergency situations. In Africa, drones are already delivering life-saving products on a routine basis in select innovative countries.

The use of drones could transform medical support and access to care for patients. This is particularly relevant to support patients who are currently difficult to reach, either because their mobility is reduced by age or sickness, or because they live in difficult to reach places.

It is also a powerful lever for the simplification and the digital transformation of medical logistics with an easy-to-use, fully automated service.

Benefits and Challenges:

Core benefits are availability, speed, frequency and/or flexibility of access to medical products. Gains in time, cost savings, logistical precision and efficiency.

What are the challenges ahead of us?. First, the use of drones to transport goods, even of modest weight, is still at the experimental stage. Overall, the market opening currently applies to recreational drones and drones for professional use within line of sight.

Technologies are becoming available, but they need to mature. They must prove their reliability, availability maintainability and sustainability, which takes time.

Second, the unmanned regulatory framework must evolve to make long-distance delivery accessible. The alternative is to follow the example of UPS in the USA and go for a licence to operate a cargo drone delivery service following manned aviation rules.

Most importantly, there is a lack of awareness by potential end-users and the public of medical drone delivery benefits. As a consequence, there is a need to engage with end-users to build together the right service meeting their needs and creating value, for everyone.

Join our team!

We have formed an informal collaborative team with complementary skills and expertise, from the business and academic worlds. Our project aims to unlock the potential of drone delivery in healthcare. To do so, we focus first and foremost on end-user engagement, i.e. health practitioners, the medical and healthcare industry as well as local communities.

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