Drone Consulting

Build inhouse expertise

Management training, masterclasses

The underlying technologies are emerging, disruptive, and some activities are regulated.
Whether you are an end-user organisation, a local or regional authority, or even a player in the drone industry, your operational and management teams need to build inhouse expertise and acquire foundation knowledge.

Equally, regulations and technologies are moving fast, it is also important to keep up with the pace of change.
Drone consulting
European Union-wide upcoming drone regulation
United Kingdom 
Key aeronautical safety principles
Drone technologies

Plan compelling use cases and services

Project-based consulting
Drone consulting
End-user centric use cases. Value creation. Business model
Regulatory feasibility
Technologies available commercially

Test, then operate, then scale

Project Management
Drone consulting
Selection and validation of technologies, suppliers, partners.
Agnostic insight into best-in-class solutions, offered by international companies and start-ups alike
Project planning
Project management
Data value extraction

Manage complexity

The drone market is still emerging. The market is regulated and the framework is rapidly evolving. Numerous technical solutions are available on the market, it is essential to appraise their performance. 

  • Aeronautical skills
  • Technology skills
  • Business skills
Airspace and drone regulations
Aeronautical Safety
Technologies and solutions
Data processing and analysis
Suppliers and partners
Resulting business case

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